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Check Out My Cyber Notes

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Hi, my name is tiff. I am a former frontend developer pivoting to cybersecurity.

If you’ve heard of Obsidian and you’ve heard of a digital garden then you’re already halfway to understanding the premise.

I don’t want to call these a digital garden; too cutesy for me. I would, instead, like to call them working notes, much like Andy Matuschak’s, one of the greatest minds in computer science.

I used to talk a lot about productivity. I got zero work done. It’s almost cultish, the way folks talk about it.

So instead of my notes being productivity porn they’re going to be a place for me to ramble about this cyber stuff. If you like them, you could reach out to me on Signal, or whatever.

You can find them at:


Form Submission Fun
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I signed up for a website that’s recently come out of beta after a long wait time.